Saturday, October 11, 2014

We're Back To Provide Regular Updates!

Our dear readers,
         We must apologize for the long hiatus from updating this blog and providing you with up-to-date information. We are now back up and running! We are looking forward to sharing professional photographs of our kittens, allowing you to get acquainted with our kitten's parents, and creating a reliable source of reference to answer all your urgent inquiry.

         Accumulating our experience since 2007, we have much to share about our healthy, potty-trained, vaccinated, little kittens.

 In the posts to come, we will update you on:
  • our new Father Cat (Caesar) - with photos
  • Additions to our Mother Cats - with photos
  • our newest litters (KITTENS NOW AVAILABLE)
  • information about the Silver/Golder Persian breed
  • how to care for your cats
  • Videos of the little kittens at play (so you get a taste of their behavior)

    Please stay tuned, we look forward to strengthening our connection with all of you.

The Breeder Family

One of our sold kittens at 8-weeks old.
As our kittens grow older, they get lighter due to their growing white fur.
The shadow of grey pattern then remains on the tips of their coat.
The kittens have very different mannerisms ranging from a more
playful, frisky character as you see in the upper photo,
to the more naive, gentle personality you see here.

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