Sunday, October 12, 2014

Father Caesar

Ladies and Gentlemen,

           This is our proliferate procreator, our father of all kittens, our dominant male: Caesar the cat. Funny enough, as empowering his fathering role may sound, he is probably on the bottom of the food chain when it comes to this feline family. Despite his promising name, Caesar is actually a big wuss. He gets scared incredibly easy, spends most of his time hiding away on the second floor, and is even terrified of being pet. In fact, the only way he would let you touch him is if you pet him with your foot. He absolutely loves it. It's quite peculiar to any other cat I've ever gotten to know (and that's coming from a breeder).

         Regardless, Caesar has his charming qualities, as well. When he lets loose, he is incredibly playful, and loves to take up the entire bathtub by indulging in it on his back. Caesar also carried a particular love affair with Cleopatra, and they have always emanated great chemistry together. He is the most persistent of courters, no matter how often he gets turned down, and lead quite the nocturnal lifestyle. It's very likely he'll be napping on the second floor when you come by for a visit.

       He has incredible green eyes, and a radiant coat of fur, and all his babies are just as stunning.

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