Monday, October 20, 2014

Kitty Fur Problems

The other night, some members of our family awoke to the piercing yelp of a kitten's scream. Constant, and pleading, it instilled a sense of immense concern. Upon going downstairs, Irina (owner) found a little kitten toppled over on his back, sprawled out and helpless. The mother cats surrounded him with little ability to help. As Irina lifted him up, she noticed what the problem was. A dried bit of feces has cemented his bum shut! Contact from anyone putting pressure on his bloated belly, and the kitten responded with a sharper, more definite MEOW. The poor boy was in dire need to relieve himself!

Irina took the limp kitten over to the sink as he cried. Meow!, his tense little body pleaded with the pains of constipation. Running his bum under warm water, the feces chunks began to fall away, and the kitten melted into Irina's hands with undoubtable relief. He fell into happy silence as his bum and belly were finally to take their course to recovery. He spent the rest of the day resting among his Mamas and playful siblings.

A little tip to the owners/future owners out there: make sure to trim the fur around the bum. Because they're a long haired breed, it's best to take precaution. It's not entirely uncommon that a little piece of poop would get caught in fur and they're be strutting around the house in their cute stink. It's quite rare that it their bums will be cemented shut, however. That was definitely a worse case scenario and one of the first we've encountered!

Hope you found this educational and some-what entertaining!

All the best,

from the Breeding Household :)

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